Working in the recruiting industry, you quickly learn what information needs to be included on an individual’s CV or resume and where the information is best located. Below is a compiled list specifically for the Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry of tips that may help in your career document writing. 

State your objective. Looking to move from academia to the biotech/pharmaceutical industry? Explain why.

Include the most important information on the first page(s). Education, postdoc, board certifications, awards, technical skills, and the most recent, relevant job experience should be in the upper half of your CV so it is easy to find.

Simply proving you work in this industry isn’t enough, show your passion for the industry. Include your professional affiliations such as conferences you’ve attended, speaker/chair in scientific meetings, organization memberships, etc.

Quantify the facts. Regulatory submissions, team members recently mentored, models developed, years of managerial experience, etc.

Include a link to your LinkedIn or professional web page. This helps the recruiter and hiring manager get a better feel of who you are and is a great communication tool.

Ensure your contact information is easy to find (preferably on the first page).

Don’t forget about the extras. Include your publications, presentations/abstracts, and patents.

Proofread, proofread, proofread! Doing a spelling and grammar check on Word is not enough, print out a copy and have someone else look over it.