Since today is Halloween, I figure this is the perfect time to discuss a major fear that has affected many people – the fear of changing jobs. This is a fear that may be plaguing your life and holding you back from true happiness and reaching your potential. To fully conquer these fears you will need to think clearly and ask yourself some hard questions. To start, follow these simple steps.

Realize the fear. Ask yourself how you would rank your job from 1-10, being specific about every detail of your job: the atmosphere, your duties, pay, company, etc. If you aren’t 100% happy where you are, ask yourself why you are staying.

Identify the nature of your fear. You may be comfortable where you are, scared to push yourself, feel like you’ve put in too much time to leave, scared of making the wrong decision, have a fear of change/the unknown, etc.

Assess the fear.  Separate your fears into two categories irrational and rational. Try to dismiss the irrational fear from your thought process and focus on the rational fears.

Conquer the fear. The rational fears may be hard to conquer, but ultimately if what you can gain from making a change outweighs what you might lose, the risk is worth it.

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