Whether you’re fresh out of college, wanting to move up in your specific field, or just needing a change of pace…you’re in the job market and it’s tough. Many candidates have wondered how they can ensure success in the search and avoid any roadblocks that could extend it.

Use these tips from finding the right job to apply for, ensuring a smooth application process, and finally making yourself known.

Use the tools available to you. Combing through job boards is an exhausting task and you come up short most of the time. Use a recruiter to connect you to the right fit, ask your connections if they can refer you, use LinkedIn to perform a search based on your specific desires, and get creative. The right job is worth the time and effort so use your available resources to shorten the job search.  

Take your time. Finding a job you want to apply for is definitely exciting, but do not rush through the application. Mistakes are easy to make when you are excited. Set aside an allotted time to complete the process, review and update your resume, create a job-specific cover letter, and proof-read.

Network, network, network. Submitting a resume and application is not enough. Make yourself known; connect on social media, join industry-specific groups, attend networking events, etc. There are many opportunities to connect with the right people. If you’re not sure where to start ask your recruiter for advice.

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