Advancing your career can mean many different things at different stages of your life. Taking on new responsibilities, receiving a higher pay rate, and perfecting your professional skills are important advancements. Set your career goals early on and stay critical of your success.

Tips on advancing your career include:

Improve your skill set. Work on improving your skills; management and leadership skills are great to focus on.

Focus on your current job. Even when you are planning the next stage in your life, it’s important to focus on the here and now. Work on becoming the absolute best at your current job.

Take the initiative. Don’t wait for doors to open, kick them down. Take on more responsibilities at work without being asked. Become more action-oriented and create new ways to work efficiently.

Make achievable goals. Have direct career goals with a timeframe to achieve each one.

Get a mentor. Find a mentor you look up to who works in your industry. He/she can provide specific guidance and can be a useful professional reference.

Network. Attend industry conferences and networking events. Maintain relationships with your existing network, while also developing new connections. Learn more networking tips Here.

Make a to-do list. This is a great way to get into the right mindset and figure out which advancements would be most achievable and most beneficial for your career.

Take a risk. Advancing in your career may require taking a risk, such as changing careers.