Attending conferences is a great way to network with like-minded individuals, with the potential to find your next career or assistance to build your current team. Our team attends conferences every year and enjoy being able to meet face-to-face with clients. 

Check out my tips for making the most out of attending conferences:

Do your research. Research the best conferences, attendance lists, abstracts, workshops, etc.

Take advantage of social media and apps. Use the conference hashtag and download the conference app if available; connect with people you meet and follow social media groups.

Be prepared. Plan which workshops and talks to attend, find where each one is located, and set an alert on your phone for the important ones. Bring along the essentials: business cards, pens, a phone charger, breath mints, etc.

Master the follow-up. Send a quick “it was nice meeting you” text or email to those connections you wish to maintain. Write key points to the conversation on the back of their business card to reference later.

Schedule a meet-up prior to the conference. It can be overwhelming to try to schedule meet-ups while at the conference. For this reason, our team likes to schedule meet-ups with attendees prior to.

If you’d like to schedule to meet up with our team feel free to contact us.

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