Marathon interviews are becoming more common especially in the pharmaceutical industry. A marathon interview typically lasts all day and require a tremendous amount of preparation and energy. Much like a typical marathon you must train and plan ahead.

Check out these tips on how to master the marathon interview:

Do your research. A list of who you will be meeting will definitely help with the preparation process and ease your mind. Once you receive this list you can conduct research on their backgrounds, interests, etc. Background information will allow you to connect with the interviewer, leaving a lasting impression.

Prepare for the marathon format. The interview will likely last all day and require a lot of energy. The last thing you need while running into the last leg of the marathon is to feel groggy. To prevent any grogginess eat a hearty, protein enriched breakfast and take advantage of break time.

Bring the proper materials. Bring plenty of paper and pens, copies of your CV or resume, and your business cards.

Shape your answers. You will be asked similar questions by each interviewer, but it is important to shape each answer to the person sitting across from you. A hiring manager will likely dig into your skill-set and personality traits, while human resources will focus on how you would fit into the company as a whole.

Prepare for the follow-up. Make sure to collect business cards and/or contact information for each person you speak with so you can send a thank you letter. 

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