Whether you’re fresh out of college, wanting to move up in your specific field, or needing a change of pace, you’re in the job market and it’s tough. The market is highly competitive, the number of applications is high, and it takes more than a great resume to get the job. So, how do you stand out and navigate through the market without hitting roadblocks? 

Master the job market with these tips:

Use the tools available to you. The right job is worth the time and effort, so use the available resources and be smart in the search. 

Take your time. Mistakes are made when you rush through an application, so set aside an allotted time to complete the application process. Remember to review and update your resume, create a job-specific cover letter, and proofread before you hit submit.

Network, network, network. Submitting a resume and application is not enough. Make yourself known. Connect on social media, join industry-specific groups, attend networking events, etc. There are many opportunities to connect with the right people. 

Follow directions and follow-up. Make sure you understand the hiring process steps, send a thank you letter after the interview, and follow-up on the progress.

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