Waiting for the response after the interview can be very agonizing. It’s essential to understand the hiring process and to know when it’s time to move on to the next opportunity. So, how can you put aside your impatience and prepare for the next steps?

Take these steps after the interview: 

Ask questions. Ask how long until they make the decision, who you can send a thank you letter to, and what the next steps are.

Send a thank you letter. Send the thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. The note should reference topics that were discussed in the interview.

Follow the instructions. The hiring manager will likely tell you what the next step is. It is very important to follow the instructions and be patient.

Prep for the next stage. Being asked to continue on in the hiring process is definitely great news. The company may have you come in for an onsite interview. Be ready and clear your schedule.

Follow-up. If it has been a while it’s usually okay to reach out and ask where they are in the hiring process. 

Be patient and hopeful. Prepare for any outcome. If you don’t land this opportunity focus on the next!

Check out The Job Market for helpful tips.

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