Managers play a very crucial role in the health and future of a company. To grow as a manager and a leader I recommend reading The Way of the Shepherd, 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People by Kevin Leman and William Pentak. These 7 steps will help reach your potential as a manager and create/maintain a team that runs like a well-oiled machine.

The 7 Secrets to Managing Productive People:

1. Know the Condition of Your Flock
Care about the people, not just the job, be present and available, and engage with the team on a regular basis.

2. Discover the SHAPE (Strengths, Heart, Attitude, Personality, Experiences) of Your Sheep
A manager needs to know the SHAPE of each individual, as well as the team as a whole. What they can bring to the table, their motivators, how they learn best, their goals, etc.

3. Help Your Sheep Identify with You
People perform best when they can trust and identify with their leaders; full transparency of values is necessary to build that trust.

4. Make Your Pasture a Safe Place
Set the expectations of each position, eliminating any uncertainty. Identify problems and negativity as soon as possible; one bad link can cause the chain to break.
5. The Staff of Direction
Establishing boundaries without micromanaging may be a difficult balance to find, but is necessary to maintain the well-oiled machine. The book states it perfectly, “Give your people freedom of movement, but make sure they know where the fence line is.”

6. The Rod of Correction
Communicate and regulate performance in a productive manner and ultimately lead by example.
7. The Heart of the Shepherd
Becoming a great manager takes time, commitment, a lot of patience, and is extremely rewarding.